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Saedi Works has taken an initiative to accomplish safety for the general public and we
would like to introduce (Opti-Safe My Buddy) which is a device that is completely needed for any possible emergency based scenario or circumstance, for further
understanding please view the following link listed below:

Opti-Safe My Buddy is a start of a new era to promote protection and tracking systems
for the users well-being for which ever sector that it might find suitable. The options and
usages are limitless which makes the product very unique and Saedi Works has taken an
inventiveness to promote this nationally for the safety of any person in need of safety or
prevention of an emergency based situation.

1. INGO’s (Save The Children etc.)
2. NGO’s (Women Empowerment & Safety)
3. Banks (Safety Procedures)
4. Senior Citizens
5. Nagarpalika
6. Government & Private Hospitals
7. Old Home
8. TIMS (Tourist Information Management System)
9. Travel Companies
10. Tourists
11. Schools
12. Corporate Groups (CSR Schemes)
13. Courier Companies (Tracking)


Opti-Safe My Buddy (Key Differentiators)

Simplified Design with no false SOS Alert
Most of the existing SOS Devices (Wearable form factors) have buttons which lead to
accidental press leading to false alarm. My Buddy has a patent pending Pull mechanism
which is simple, easy and fault free which will guarantee that there aren’t misuses and false

RF Radiation Concerns and No SIM slot
My Buddy does not sure a cellular modem and works on low power Bluetooth (BLE) which
limits the radiation concerns if used 24/7. SOS devices are supposed to be used 24/7/365
days. This also eliminates any recurring “Operator Billing Expenses” and will guarantee
safety and reliability in consideration of a SOS event.

Charging & Battery
My Buddy does not require any charging as this uses disposable coin cell batteries which is
likely to last over 6 months. This removes the hassle of charging and also the fear of being
away from your personal SOS device. The “Opti-Safe Companion” App gives an alert of low
battery once the battery strength falls to below 20%.

SMS Notification to SOS contact with Ringer alert
Unlike the global SOS devices which send just SMS with GPS location, My Buddy also rings
the Mobile of SOS contact which guarantees support from SOS contacts in emergency, given
that most people don’t read SMS real time.
Audio/Video Recording
My Buddy also sends live Audio/Video recording for up to 3 minutes to all 3 SOS contacts
once the SOS is triggered. This helps SOS contact with additional details on the emergency
to react accordingly in addition to using this as an evidence as needed.

Opti-Safe My Buddy (Key Use Cases)
Women Security
Increasing cases of women harassment, molestation, rape etc. across the
country is growing concerns. Multiple Applications exist promoted by Government and
Companies but Mobile Application have practical usage limitation in emergency. My Buddy
makes it simple and convenient to use when attached to a lady’s purse, bag or body and
would gather evidence is such scenario’s with also higher safety chances in comparison to a
normal scenario due to the distress alarm.

Senior Citizens
My Buddy becomes a great accessory to every senior citizen to alert surroundings and loved
once in case of any medical distress situation at home or outside and because of the
immediate features by “Opti-safe My Buddy” security and care is promised considering the
features of this SOS device.

My Buddy is a great distress companion for any patient who needs post OPD or Operative
care. This substitutes the Hospital bed side ring when the patient leaves hospital and will
give an immediate response in case of an emergency which also alerts the doctors, nurses
and patients family members.

Runners, Courier boys, Security staff
My Buddy is a great companion to all these vulnerable targets for their associated nature of
job. Tracking and assuring the safety of team members is compulsory while running an
organization, so therefore this device is very suitable for any related organization.

My Buddy becomes a great SOS distress companion device was used to make the
“Incredible India Campaign” more meaningful by assuring security to tourism by hotels
promoting this to guests. If any tourist was to travel they would need this device to assure
security and safety, this device should be compulsory for any tourist that is travelling to

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